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Environmental Education

„Schools for a Green Future”

Transylvania College participates in the National project “Schools for a Green Future”. The project aims at raising awareness and responsibility about the need to collect and recycle plastic waste – PET in order to protect the environment. In accordance with the rules of the project, our school was equipped with a PET compacting device and has undertaken the challenge to collect and send a monthly amount of 5 kg of compacted  PETs until the end of the year.

Children in Happy Kids Kindergarten and primary school students of our school are responsible for looking after the Wildlife Garden, with daily chores that include: watering the plants; feeding the animals: rabbits, turtles, fishes and setting up a vegetable garden this following spring, thus promoting healthy eating and consumption of bio-products. The children are also involved in the PET collection project. The students receive house-points for the plastic bottles brought to the school.

- raising awareness for recycling;
promoting healty eating habbits and consumption of bio food;
- teaching children to assume responsibility for a sustainable world

Target Group:
Students in Transylvania College and children from Happy Kids Kindergarten

Transylvania College. The Cambridge International School in Cluj, Ministerul Educaţiei, Cercetării, Tineretului şi Sportului, Inspectoratul Şcolar Judeţean Cluj.

”Plant a Tree for Education - Pay it Forward!”

The project was initiated 2010 and aims at community mobilization to plant over 100 trees, in order to support the scholarship program. The message conveyed by this project is that planting a tree, you can help a child get a good education and in turn the child will learn to help others.