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My Money Week

The aim of personal finance education is to prepare young people to leave school with the confidence, skills and knowledge they need in understanding and dealing with financial matters, so that they can become active and successful participants in their society.
My Money Week is one way in which personal finance education can be delivered in schools. This project has been created by the UK Government to provide a completely joined-up approach to financial education – starting when a child first begins school and continuing right through the transition to higher education or to a professional career.
My Money Week is part of this initiative and is an event that provides lots of opportunities for the students to take part in activities which will help them learn about personal finance.
My Money Week brings our school and the local community together to learn more about managing money in a practical and relevant way.
The themed week provides a focus on financial capability for young people in primary and secondary school, offering a flexible framework of options and resources to inspire students and teachers to get to grips with the practicalities of personal finance education.
My Money Week provides practical activities that are fun, relevant and challenging, in order to:
• bring money management to life
• increase learning in personal finance education, boost confidence and enable pupils to discover how important money will be in their lives
• help embed personal finance education in schools
• raise the profile of financial capability for pupils, teachers and parents
• offer a truly cross-curricular whole-school experience, supported by finance professionals, print materials, a website and exciting videos.
The advantages of cross-curricular activities
• They are generally enjoyed by pupils and therefore promote positive attitudes towards personal finance learning.
• They can be carefully planned over a period of time and tailored to meet pupils’ specific needs.
• Outside agencies  have extensive expertise in the provision of events such as whole-school ‘off-timetable’ days and can offer advice and resources
• They give pupils opportunities to engage in a variety of interesting activities which would be difficult to accommodate in timetabled lessons, such as large-scale group problem-solving challenges and practical tasks which might require the hall.

• They raise awareness and enthusiasm for finance education among staff and parents as well as pupils

The second edition of the "My Money Week" was held at the International School between 13th and 17th of February 2012, having environment as main theme. During the week there were a number of competitions and games organized for students from our school as well as from
other schools in the city. The intercurricular activities aimed at knowledge in all areas: math, history, foreign languages, geography, economics, arts, sports, computers, etc.

We thank our partners from Banca Transilvania, Holcim, Burcash, Auchan, CITY Plaza, Autoworld, Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Office Depot, CSi, Inspire Conference and Events Center, Grand Hotel Italia, Resido, Yellow Store, Unishowroom and our media partners from Transilvania
Media Group for the support they provided for the succes of this programme.