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Celebrating Diversity - UN Day

The United Nations officially came to existence on the 24th of October 1945. The day has been celebrated since 1948 each year, around the world, as United Nations Day. Our foundation celebrates every year the cultural diversity of the community of students in our school in kindergarten on this very day. Having colleagues from 25 different countries, our students celebrate the differences, the commonalities and the uniqueness of the environment they study day by day.

The UN Day showcase consists of organizing exhibits of different countries by students from every year group within the school. On this day, students wear traditional costumes of different countries, present dances and, with the help of their parents, prepare traditional dishes of different countries.

This year our school has even been featured on the news and our students have been publicly congratulated for respecting  and celebrating diversity.

By receiving a multicultural education, students will learn how to celebrate diversity and they learn about cultures around the world while raising awareness.

Target Group:
Students of Transylvania College