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The main fundraising event of the year, the 13th edition of the annual ball, will take place this year on the 15th November starting 6.00 PM, in the International Ballroom.

The tickets can be purchased in the school shop. The ball is dedicated to supporting students of promise who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and who attend Transylvania College on a scholarship. Your participation and your initial donation of 350 RON/individual ticket represent a contribution to support 38 students who are awarded scholarships this year. We thank you on their behalf!
For details about the event, sponsorship packages and opportunities for involvement, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail:, or by phone: +40.724.087.142; +40.264.418.990+4)0264.418.990




The professional skills assessment and certification center of Transylvania College Foundation has opened! The center is authorised to conduct evaluation processes and certify professional skills, obtained in different ways than the formal ones.

After completing the evaluation process, each candidate may obtain a certificate of professional competence with the same value as a certificate issued by an approved training programme. The certificates are recognized on the labor market. The programme addresses those who wish to evaluate and certify their skills or knowledge as a Project Manager and Certified Trainer.

For further information, please contact us by mail:, or by phone: 0264.418.990; 0731.839.485 – Mrs Zsuzsa Magyary.




“Transylvania College” Foundation is an authorised ECDL testing centre, open to all those who wish to obtain European Computer Driving Licence - ECDL. ECDL is a globally recognized information and communication technology (ICT) and digital literacy qualification, recognized and supported by national governments, computer societies, international organisations and private corporations.
The courses will take place at Transylvania College, starting January 2013.

For enrolment and any further information please contact us by mail: or by phone: +40.264.418.990




Transylvania College is proud to open the first „green” building dedicated to education in Romania! The newest building on campus was inaugurated on the 22nd November in the presence of His Excellency, Mr. Martin Harris, Ambassador of Great Britain in Bucharest and Mayor of the city of Cluj-Napoca, Mr. Emil Boc.

His Excellency emphasized that he was very impressed with our school and told the students: "you have a fantastic school!" Mr. Martin Harris congratulated the founders of the school and admitted that he was impressed with the advanced level of community involvement in the project, with the support provided by the parents and the local companies in building our school and in ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality in education. His Excellency was also impressed by the way our school gives back to the community, engaging in social initiatives and environmental projects.

In his speech, Mr. Emil Boc, Cluj-Napoca's Mayor, stressed the importance of top quality education as a brand of Cluj and declared Transylvania College a model of innovation and good practice. Mr. Mayor pointed out that he hoped that our model would serve as an inspiration for developing more green buildings for education. He also stated that “the existence of this school in Cluj is an asset in attracting foreign investors, who can now take into account the existence of an accredited English line of study."




The Charity Ball is the most important fundraising event of the Foundation. This annual event aims to support the Transylvania College scholarship programme that provides students with special abilities the chance of a successful future through an education of excellence.

This year, the event took place on 3rd of November at the Continental Hotel in Cluj and it was a real success!

We wish to thank all participants for their presence and their generosity in supporting our school’s scholarship programme!




The project aims to build and create a special environment for organizing camps for children. The camp is intended to be a model both by offering accessible facilities and special programmes to help the integration of children with disabilities. Transylvania College Foundation's partners in this project are: CTAC Powerhouse Kids Foundation of Romania - from the Netherlands.

During the 1st week of October, a group of 16 students and 3 teachers from Lyceum alpinum Zuoz, Switzerland, were involved in building the multifunctional room at the Băişoara campsite. This room is 80 square meters and will serve both as a dining room and a conference room. The project was implemented with the support of the following sponsors: Cemacon SA, Holcim Romania SA and Rehau Austria. The multipurpose room will be called "Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz" to honor the helpful students and teachers who joined us in building it.


2-27 JULY 2012

Holidays represent a beautiful period of every year. Join us to make it truly special for you and for your child!
During summer period Romanian and International students with ages 4 to 14 can attend the Summer Club, an attractive educational programme held by Happy Kids Foundation in the International School of Cluj Campus.
Starting with July, students with ages between 4 and 6 year old will be transferred to the Kindergarten schedule.

Here are some summer activities:

Baisoara Summer Camp

For children with ages between 6 and 16 years old.

During the summer camp we enforce learning activities for students in which they will develop teamwork abilities, self-respect and respect for the people around them, human relationships and green knowledge and attunements. Therefore we will have garbage and waste control, fire protocols and green behaviour development. Through our activities and games delivered by our entertainers we provide a continuous progress in children speaking and understading abilities. Most of these games are created especially for teamwork activities that will help attendants in corporate organisation systems, develop a true entrepreneurship behaviour or create a successful leader. All these daily activities will be assisted by complementary challenges that encourages green behaviour.
Fun, self-trust development and responsibility are also key words through which you can describe all the activities mentioned above and more (road trips, dance or firecamp).

Fill in the enrollment form below and send it to the following e-mail address:

The enrollment will be made in 14 days before the Camp begins and will be certified by a deposit. (50% from the total fee).




Happy Kids Foundation together with the International School of Cluj had the honour to be organise, in partnership with Cluj Napoca Mayor's Office and the British Business Group of Transylvania, for the first time in Romania, Queen Elisabeth's Diamond Jubilee, celebrating 60 years from her Majesty's Coronation. His Excellency, Mr. Martin Harris, Her Majesty's Ambassador to Bucharest honoured us with his presence.




To increase environmental education and awareness, Happy Kids Foundation initiated the event"Spring Plant” that took place on Saturday, March 31. Within the event, 36 secondary school students from the International School of Cluj, together with 21 teachers, planted trees in the Detunata Park to aim for a greener world. Within the event organized in partnership with Cluj-Napoca City Hall, the team
planted 50 trees, lawn along the sidewalk, cleaned the park, and the back-yard of the school. The activity was carried out on houses and the expressive colors of the jerseys worn by the students according to the house they belong to - red: Bears, Blue: Wolves and yellow: Eagles -
have brought a touch of color in the park still dressed in the faded colors of early spring.


The First Educational Building in Romania, Built on Green Principles


Happy Kids Foundation continues developing the educational-sports campus opened in 2007 where currently the International School of Cluj and Happy Kids Kindergarten operates. The project aims at achieving the first educational buildings in Romania, built on green principles. The new building will have eight rooms for kindergarten and nursery groups, a new library, a multimedia room, an art room, a multifunctional room with stage, a new gym, a pool for children between 4 months and 12 years. The project is worth 800,000 euros. The required investment amounts will be covered by bank loans, sponsorships and partnerships. Preparation for the construction has already started, and today, March 16, the first bucket of concrete was poured. Construction will be completed before the next school year starts in September. The concept of green building incorporates the sustainable development strategy that Happy Kids Foundation promotes in all its projects.


The "Martisorul Festival"


Over 480 children and students from 34 schools and kindergartens participated Friday, 24 February at the Martisorul Festival, held in the International Ballroom at the foundation's headquarters. The fourth edition of the Festival was organized by Happy Kids Foundation in partnership with the International School of Cluj, Cluj County School Inspectorate and Cluj-Napoca City Hall and involved children from kindergarten through high school. The Festival unfolded in two sections: drawing/painting and creation of spring charms. The teams representing the participating schools and kindergartens competed for various titles, such as: "The Largest” Spring Charm “The Nicest”, “The Most Traditional”, “The Most Original”, etc. The jury's decision was not easy, since the 490 participants presented a variety of wonderful works, both paintings and spring charms.


The Financial Education Programme: "My Money Week"


The second edition of the "My Money Week" was held at the International School between 13th and 17th of February 2012, having ecology as main theme. During the week there were a number of competitions and games organized for students from our school as well as from
other schools in the city. The intercurricular activities aimed at knowledge in all areas: math, history, foreign languages, geography, economics, arts, sports, computers, etc. All the children, from kindergarten through senior students in high school learned important facts about money; they organized stores or restaurants, they put together a show, they learned how money is earned and how we can spend it wisely. They also learned about banks, about smart ways to save money and about investment opportunities and business ventures. The “My money week” programme was also organized in our kindergarten. The children learned a lot about money, they got “funny money” as a reward and they got to shop with real money at the restaurant or the stores organized by their colleagues.


The success of the First Series of Target Groups within the Project: "Together We Will Succeed"


The first series of the target groups within the project "Together we will succeed", implemented by Filocalia Foundation, in partnership with Happy Kids Foundation, completed the activities in late December 2011. The first reactions from both students and parents emphasized the benefits and improvements regarding drop out prevention - a problem reported in both counties involved: Iasi and Cluj. In the first months of the second year of the project, the impact was analysed in the participating schools from the two counties, within each category of intended target group: teachers, counseling psychologists, students with learning disabilities, students coming from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, with a large number of absences and the potential risk of drop-out and parents of students at the risk of school drop-out. It was shown that the number of absences was reduced and students involved in the activities of the project made progress at the different subjects. Parents also participated in training seminars to discuss relationship problems and ways to deal with family conflicts. The success of the project was celebrated with a meeting in December, called the "Celebration of the Success". The project "Together we will Succeed" continued in January with a detailed assessment work to of the questionnaires, after which the process of selecting another 1,600 students and 800 parents from the two counties begins again.


The Education Village


Education Village is a summer camp for children with special needs, organized at Baisoara, Clu county. The camp was founded by Dr. Dan Baciu, founder of Transylvania College Foundation in partnership with Belgian neurologist, Dr. Eric De Smet.The camp is held in old, Maramures style houses, at Mount Baisoara, where children learn about Romanian traditions, while discovering the surrounding nature. The activities take place within a special program that fosters the integration of children with special needs in the community.


Happy Kids Foundation is Main Partner in a European Project – (Operational Programme for Human Resources Development)


Happy Kids Foundation together with Philocalia Foundation and the County Centre of Resource and Educational Assistance - both of Iasi – have launched the European project "Together we will succeed" in August 2010. The project is funded by European Social Funds, within the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013. Priority axis of the project is "Linking lifelong learning and labor market" and the main intervention domain is "Preventing and correcting early school leaving." The project runs from August 2010 to July 2013. The target group of the project consists of three categories: personnel involved in preventing school dropout, consisting of students with learning difficulties, socially disadvantaged students, with a large number of absences and potential risk of school dropout and 120 teachers and counselors. The number of individuals involved in the project is1600 students and 800 parents.

Summer Camps


Happy Kids Foundation offers summer camps during the summer holiday for children aged 3 – 14 years. Day camps are held in the campus of International School Cluj from 27 June to 12 August, coordinated by the animators from Adventure CAMPS. Weekly camps for children aged 6 to 14 years are held at Baisoara. Among the activities you will find: - Archery; land art; painting; modeling; expeditions in nature; treasure hunt; gardening and cooking