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Transylvania College Foundation is involved in the life of the community with lots of projects and different kinds of activities. The foundation initiates social programs for children, coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, kids with disabilities and orphan kids, with special talents and a strong motivation for learning.

1. Projects for Excellence in Education

Brothers in learning

In 2002 the foundation initiated the project called "Brothers in Learning", the scholarship program that aims at providing equal opportunities and access to an excellent education to children coming from families with lower income sources, by providing annual scholarships based on academic performance and extra-curricular activities .

Charity Ball

The Charity Ball is the most important fundraising event of the foundation. This annual event aims at supporting the foundation's scholarship programme that offers outstanding students of Transylvania College a chance for a better future through education.

2. Cultural Projects

"Mărţişorul" Festival

The project was initiated in 2009 in partnership with Cluj-Napoca City Hall and the County School Inspectorate. Within the project children and students from various institutions in Cluj county work together in workshops to welcome the spring in a creative way.

Celebrating Diversity

Our foundation celebrates every year the cultural diversity of the community of students in our school in kindergarten on this very day. Having colleagues from 25 different countries, our students celebrate the differences, the commonalities and the uniqueness of the environment they study day by day.

3. Community Involvement projects

Educational - Sports Campus

Within this project, Transylvania College Foundation built a modern campus which, by its components, is able to serve the entire community in Transylvania.

Gain by Giving

Is a yearly project, started in 2003, that takes place in the eve of the winter holidays. In the project, students and children in the region are encouraged to give a gift to their less fortunate peers, thus bringing the holiday spirit in the hearts of many, before Christmas.

4. Environmental Education

Schools for a Green Future

This project's objective is to raise the environmental awareness of students and children.

5. Financial Education

My Money Week

The personal finance education "My Money Week" has been created by the UK Government to provide a completely joined-up approach to financial education – starting when a child first begins school and continuing right through the transition to higher education or to a professional career.