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Happy Kids Foundation together with Philocalia Foundation and the County Centre of Resource and Educational Assistance - both of Iasi – have launched the European project "Together we will succeed" in August 2010. The project is funded by European Social Funds, within the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013. Priority axis of the project is "Linking lifelong learning and labor market" and the main intervention domain is "Preventing and correcting early school leaving." The project runs from August 2010 to July 2013. The target group of the project consists of three categories: personnel involved in preventing school dropout, consisting of students with learning difficulties, socially disadvantaged students, with a large number of absences and potential risk of school dropout and 120 teachers and counselors. The number of individuals involved in the project is1600 students and 800 parents.

The first series of the target groups within the project "Together we will succeed", implemented by Filocalia Foundation, in partnership with Happy Kids Foundation, completed the activities in late December 2011. The first reactions from both students and parents emphasized the benefits and improvements regarding drop out prevention - a problem reported in both counties involved: Iasi and Cluj. In the first months of the second year of the project, the impact was analysed in the participating schools from the two counties, within each category of intended target group: teachers, counseling psychologists, students with learning disabilities, students coming from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, with a large number of absences and the potential risk of drop-out and parents of students at the risk of school drop-out. It was shown that the number of absences was reduced and students involved in the activities of the project made progress at the different subjects. Parents also participated in training seminars to discuss relationship problems and ways to deal with family conflicts. The success of the project was celebrated with a meeting in December, called the "Celebration of the Success". The project "Together we will Succeed" continued in January with a detailed assessment work to of the questionnaires, after which the process of selecting another 1,600 students and 800 parents from the two counties begins again.