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Transylvania College Foundation is authorised assessment center for assessing and certifying professional skills. The authorisation was granted by the National Authority for Qualifications in December 2012.

The assessment and certification center is authorised to conduct evaluation processes and certify professional skills, obtained in different ways than the formal ones.

Professional competence is the ability to apply, transfer and combine knowledge and skills in various work situations and environments to accomplish the activities required to work at specified quality professional standards.

Proficiency assessment is the process of collecting information necessary to assess competences and evaluating them in relation to the requirements of the national standard.

After completing the evaluation process, each candidate obtains a certificate of professional competence having the same value as a certificate issued by a national training programme. The certificates are recognized on the labor market. The programme addresses those who wish to evaluate and certify their skills or knowledge as a Project Manager and Certified Trainer.

The program addresses those who want to assess and certify their skills or knowledge for occupations held as Project Manager and Trainer, if:

Transylvania College Foundation's Centre of assessment and certification of professional competences offers:


The certificates issued to all units of competence relevant to specific occupations are equivalent with the graduation certificates issued by the national adult vocational training centres.

The Benefits of Skills Assessment

- Professional recognition

- Obtaining a nationally and internationally recognized certificate of professional competence, proving experience in a particular field;

- Emphasizing ability to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical skills and capacity of the thinking, analysis and synthesis to achieve results at the quality levels required by the occupational standards;

- Accompanies the resume and offers a guarantee, thereby increasing employability and career development opportunities;

- Can be a tool for diagnosing employee performance in a company or institution;

- Helps increase and maintain the confidence of the candidates and increases their capacity for self-assessment.


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